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Watch Teena @ LexisNexis

Do you need a professionally written resume, but want to learn a bit more about my writing strategies first?

To learn more about my approach to writing resumes, I recommend checking out this video of a talk I did at LexisNexis in Dayton, Ohio. This way, you can learn more about how I will better position to get around talent management systems as well as give your resume a thorough overhaul to content and presentation.

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As a resume writer, I *love* working with managers and executives because they understand that professional writers/copywriters are how to gain advantage. What I have learned over the years is that traditional resumes and cover letters do “their” job of outlining skills, but fail to grab the much-needed attention to “sell” its “product” (AKA, you).

Statistically speaking, you could go up against a few, a dozen, or several hundred others holding the same, or similar, skill set. How will you differentiate yourself? You could argue that grabbing attention to snare an interview isn’t what it used to be. Yes, I completely agree. Resume management systems have completely morphed the job-search process — some might say for the better, others might say for the worse. Not only does your resume need to catch the eyes of a reader, but a computer’s “eyes” as well.


Hiring a professional, skilled, and highly endorsed resume writer is an ideal start for setting yourself apart from other jobseekers.

Who am I? My name is Teena Rose, probably one of the best resume writers you’ll find on the Internet today. I state this not because of my credentials or my years in business, but based on the results I generate for my clients. I dare say, my clients are some of the happiest, most successful, and most progressing employees “on the block.” Just to give you a reference point on how I am different, look at the websites of countless so-called “skilled” resume writers. You’ll quickly see the lackluster job they do selling themselves, and if given the chance, they will do the same mediocre job for you too.

My clients encompass those who control their careers; those who continue their education because it’s in the best interest of themselves and their employees; those who embrace new techniques, systems, and processes; those who outperform, outdo, and outwit.

Ready to get started? I would love to work with you, so submit your resume via my online form to get a quote, reach out to my via email, or call my office at (937) 325-2149.







Providing RESUME Writing Services to the Residents of

Springfield & Dayton, Ohio — AS WELL AS THOSE IN CLEVELAND




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